About Us

The world has enough gadgets.

Convergence will allow us to reduce the clutter in our pockets and harness the power of our smart technology.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and software developers who have worked together over several years.

Too many passwords! Creating, changing and then remembering passwords is incredibly difficult! We are forced to use a minimum number of characters, upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols – all contrary to our natural way of remembering things.

We especially dislike ‘security’ devices such as fobs, dongles and key generators, they are too easy to drop, sit on, break or lose.

We decided to simplify authentication by harnessing the power of our existing smart technology to help make our online and offline lives easier yet more secure in an ever more complex world.

We are dedicated to developing intuitive, yet highly secure solutions to help everyone.

Contact us with your ideas to use our technology.