Is SmartSafe app safe / is MySmartKey safe ?

SmartSafe Vault uses the latest and very strong AES 256 Encryption, which ensures your files are kept safe.

When using the MySmartKey app installed on your iOS or Android smart device to lock and unlock your files, the communication between the app and your computer is encrypted too, which makes it even more difficult for criminals to figure out what is going on. Files cannot be decrypted without the MySmartKey app running on your iOS or Android smart device. The mobile device forms a part of the decryption process and is therefore a necessity.

For added peace of mind, by default each individual file placed in the SmartSafe Vault is encrypted with a unique encryption key. This means you’re not putting all your eggs into one basket!

Rest assured, we have no control or access to the data that you store as it is stored only on your computer, USB stick or cloud storage account.

Lastly, for good measure in manual mode MySmartKey returns a 4 digit alpha-numeric code which has increased security benefits over a conventional 4 digit numerical code.

What are the system requirements?

On your computer, SmartSafe Vault requires:
Mac OS-X 10.7 (Lion) (Mac version)
Microsoft Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 or later (Windows PC version)

On your smart device, MySmartKey requires:
iOS 4.0 (iOS)
   iPhone: 3G
   iPod Touch: 2nd Generation
   iPad: 1st Generation

2.3.3 Gingerbread (Android)
   Device: 3.2in screen minimum

Functionality may vary depending on the OS you are using.

SmartMode requires your computer and smart device to be registered and active on the same WiFi domain.

SmartSafe Vault for Windows PC is coming soon. MySmartKey App for Blackberry handsets is in development.

Contact us if you would like to see a PC version with an App for the Blackberry platform.

How do I download / register my SmartSafe Vault / My Smart Key?

SmartSafe Vault: go to the Mac App Store and download “SmartSafe Vault” to your Mac computer, go through the setup procedure and ensure the icon is present in your Applications folder.

Remember to upgrade to the Premium version if you want to be able to store all file types and folders!

MySmartKey App:

  1. For iOS smart devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) go to the iTunes Store and download “MySmartKey” to your mobile device and go through the simple setup process and registration on the screen.
  2. For Android smart devices go to the Google play Store and download “MySmartKey” to your mobile device and go through the simple setup process and registration on the screen.

During setup of SmartSafe Vault, you will be asked to confirm the registration of the App. When this is verified, your copy of SmartSafe Vault becomes linked to your registered mobile device.

You are ready to go!

You can use SmartSafe Vault to protect any file* and you can create a folder structure that suits you.

*Requires Premium version.

What is Smart Mode?

This is where your computer and smart device are connected over the same wireless (WiFi) network in your home or office.

You can drag and drop files seamlessly in and out of your USB sticks, cloud storage or from the hard drive on your computer.

Rest assured that each time you drag and drop a file into a SmartSafe Vault, it is encrypted, secured and stored individually, no matter how many files you place into the SmartSafe Vault.

What is Manual Mode?

This is when there is no connection between your computer and mobile device (iPhone / iPod / iPad) over a WiFi network.

SmartSafe Vault will detect that no WiFi signal is present and there is no secured connection to your smart device.

SmartSafe Vault will then switch to Manual Mode.

When you drag and drop, in or out of SmartSafe Vault a new SmartSafe Vault screen will appear with a QR code on it.

Open the My Smart Key app on your mobile device and tap the image of a QR code on the screen, the screen will then open up the camera on your mobile device.

Point the camera at the screen and it will automatically scan the QR code shown by SmartSafe Vault.

My Smart Key will then automatically generate a password on the screen.

Type this password into the box within SmartSafe Vault and the file will be protected or released.

Can I create SmartSafe Vaults in different places?

Yes you can!

When you want to create a new SmartSafe Vault, go to the Settings tab in SmartSafe Vault and set up a new destination folder on your computer, USB or cloud storage account.

Its that simple.

All you have to remember is where you have stored your Vaults!

You must use your computer with SmartSafe Vault downloaded to access the files in your SmartSafe Vaults.

What is the size limit of Smartsafe Vault?

We do not limit you in any way!

The only limit is the available storage space on your computer, USB or external hard drive or your cloud storage account limit.

Where can I use Smartsafe Vault?

You can it use anywhere! If you’ve installed SmartSafe Vault on a laptop, then you are mobile. You can work with your files anywhere.

In Smart Mode, SmartSafe Vault on your computer communicates with the My Smart Key app on your registered smart device by encrypted wireless exchange.

If either your laptop or registered smart device isn’t on the same wireless network, My Smart Key on your smart device will first search to make sure and will then switch to Manual Mode.

How does Smartfsafe Vault work?

Click here for more information about how the SmartSafe Vault works.

What is Smartsafe Vault?

SmartSafe Vault is a software solution for your Mac desktop or laptop computer that allows you to encrypt, store and secure files and folders.

The software gives each file or folder a unique password that you do not have to remember to access your data!

You can protect your private, confidential, secret data without having to remember new passwords each time. The SmartSafe Vault software on your computer and the My Smart Key App on your registered smart device do the hard work for you.

You can create multiple SmartSafe Vaults, on your computer, on USB or external hard drives or in your cloud storage accounts.