Get Started

How to get started …

1. Get the MySmartKey app

SmartSafe Vault works together with the MySmartKey security application from Vierfire Software to protect and release your files and folders.

You must have the MySmartKey app installed on your iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) or Android smart device. You can get the MySmartKey app free from iTunes for iOS or Google play for Android.

Download and install the MySmartKey app on your smart device.

In your newly-installed MySmartKey app, create a MySmartKey account and register the app. Remember your username and the email address you used!

Example (iTunes):

2. Download and install SmartSafe Vault

Choose the version of SmartSafe Vault that’s right for you opposite:

Save and install SmartSafe Vault to your computer.

You can try SmartSafe Vault for free and easily upgrade to full features via an in-software purchase.

Click here to see the steps.

Select your version:

Download from iTunes now
(Mac v.1.3.1)
Available soon for Windows
(Windows PC – v.2.0.0)

3. Link your MySmartKey app with SmartSafe Vault

The first time you run SmartSafe Vault, you will be asked to link it to your MySmartKey account and to your MySmartKey app.

To create the link, enter the username and email address you used when you registered MySmartKey.

When the link is created: choose a password for SmartSafe Vault to use.

If you wish, SmartSafe Vault can remember this password so that you don’t have to. This is recommended because otherwise you will have to remember the password every time you protect and release your files.

Don’t forget that SmartSafe Vault applies a one-time password on top of your chosen one, to provide that extra protection!

Pair with MySmartKey:

Pairing confirmed:

4. Complete setup and you’re ready to go!

Select where you would like SmartSafe Vault to store your protected files.

You can change this location later and even have multiple destination folders – which is particularly useful if you are using removable disks!

Finally, select if you would like SmartSafe Vault to work in SmartMode with MySmartKey.

When SmartSafe Vault and MySmartKey are operating in SmartMode together, they communicate to create and check the one-time passwords needed to protect and release your files.

For SmartMode operation, make sure that you are running your MySmartKey application on your smart device and that it is on the same WiFi network as the computer running SmartSafe Vault.

Click Finish and you’re ready to go!

When you’re ready to activate the Premium version, click on the in-app purchase button. See the steps here.