How does Smart Safe Vault work?

Working in SmartMode

SmartSafe Vault and the MySmartKey App, will communicate in SmartMode over the same WiFi network. When you drag and drop a file into SmartSafe Vault, it sends a challenge to MySmartKey.

The App processes the challenge and generates a One Time Password (OTP) that is used to encrypt the file and synchronises with SmartSafe Vault, allowing you to protect the file in your SmartSafe Vault.

SmartSafe Vault and MySmartKey communicate in SmartMode
SmartSafe Vault can communicate automatically with MySmartKey in SmartMode

Working in Manual Mode

If there is no WiFi signal present – no problem!

SmartSafe Vault and MySmartKey revert to Manual Mode:

SmartSafe Vault presents a QR code on the screen,

  1. Point the mobile device at the QR code, MySmartKey recognises the QR code as a challenge
  2. MySmartKey immediately processes the QR code and gives a 4 digit OTP on the screen of the mobile device
  3. You must enter this 4 digit OTP into SmartSafe Vault to protect or release your file

If SmartSafe Vault cannot find MySmartKey on the same WiFi network, Manual Mode is used
When SmartSafe Vault cannot see MySmartKey, the application changes to Manual Mode

We care about the data you store in your SmartSafe Vault. By using SmartSafe Vault and MySmartKey together, it is encrypted, secured, and stored so only you, the registered user, should have access to it. Rest assured, we have no control or access to the data that you store as it is stored only on your computer, USB stick or cloud storage account.

SmartSafe Vault uses AES 256, a secure open-source algorithm as part of the encryption process. Each of your files is uniquely protected.

Click here to learn about getting started and how MySmartKey links with SmartSafe Vault.