SmartSafe Vault

SmartSafe Vault allows you to encrypt, secure and store files and folders on any drive of your choice, locally or in the Cloud!

Create multiple ‘Vaults’ on your computer, USB drive or a Cloud storage provider, and then simply drag and drop files in and out.

SmartSafe Vault uses a brand new and innovative technology to verify you as the registered owner of the files – a unique 2 Factor Authentication method* – so that you can encrypt and decrypt your private data seamlessly.

Our unique technology is the creation of a proprietary mobile app called MySmartKey available from iTunes (iOS) or Google play (Android) which communicates directly and securely with SmartSafe Vault over a local Wifi network (SmartMode) to encrypt and decrypt files.

SmartSafe Vault requires MySmartKey in order to work, but does not need a Wifi connection – the user can enter a ‘ManualMode’ which offers up a QR code for the user to scan using the built-in MySmartKey QR scanner to produce a return code. Click here to find out more …

Use SmartSafe Vault to protect all your files on Cloud Storage sites such as Dropbox. Keeping your files encrypted with SmartSafe Vault ensures that your sensitive data is safe from prying eyes.

*2 Factor Authentication (also known as 2 Step Verification) is the presentation of two authentication factors: a knowledge factor (‘something the user knows’) and a possession factor (‘something the user has’). See Wikipedia entry here.


SmartSafe Vault

SmartSafe Vault

SmartSafe Vault allows only you to encrypt, secure, store files and folders in a totally seamless process.

Private or confidential files, pictures, documents can be held securely so only you, the registered user, can have access to them.

You must use the desktop computer or laptop with SmartSafe Vault loaded onto it in order to access the files you have stored.

You must download both SmartSafe Vault and the MySmartKey app for this innovative technology to work.

No WiFi? No problem! Click to find out more …

Currently only available on the Mac platform. Windows PC version coming soon!

Search ‘SmartSafe Vault’ on the Mac App Store or click here to download.

MySmartKey App

MySmartKey App

SmartSafe Vault requires our proprietary App on a mobile device which communicates over WiFi (or manually) with SmartSafe Vault on your desktop computer or laptop.

MySmartKey is PIN-protected for your own security.

Every time you drag and drop a file in or out, SmartSafe Vault communicates with MySmartKey over WiFi using SmartMode without any user intervention. Once MySmartKey is closed, all files remain protected and cannot be opened again until you open MySmartKey again.

All files are encrypted separately, no matter how many files are stored.

MySmartKey is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android platforms!

For iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) search ‘MySmartKey’ on the iTunes store or click here to download.

Fo Android search ‘MySmartKey’ on Google play or click here to download.